What future holds for Anton Burdasov?

Anton Burdasov is among the strongest ice hockey forwards in Russia. He still negotiates with the National Hockey League clubs, but no contract has been signed yet.

Burdasov, one of the best forwards in the Kontinental Hockey League, did not sign any contracts with Russian clubs this summer. He is committed to moving to NHL while no particular club was named. Everything in his career can change any day and any minute.

Burdasov says it’s critical for him to sign a contract to get into the NHL and play there. Nothing else matters. He just wants to try his hand in this league. The teams there are strong and the competition is intense. Such a highly competitive atmosphere motivates the player to master new skills and reach new levels. National Hockey League matches are always a dynamic and entertaining show. The events attract much attention and fans like to bet on their favorite teams at thebossbet.com.

What baffles Anton to get there?

Burdasov insists this is not about the money, and the figure in the contract is not so important for him. When there is even a slight demand for his skills, he’ll give it a try. He had a long and successful career in the KHL and can do his best to perform well and open up his potential in the NHL.

Anton is eager to do everything possible in North America. But he will have difficulties with the language: he understands the speech well but lacks fluency. And even if this year Burdasov won’t make his way to NHL, he won’t stay “unemployed”. His talent is in great demand among Russian clubs.