Does gel polish harm the nails?

The structure of gel polish allows the coating not to squeeze the nail plate but change its shape, when the nails grow. That is why gel polish is kept for a long time, and its harm is minimal. And yet there are some cases when gel polish can cause harm.


  • Poor quality product. Typically, products with cheaper price have worse quality. The most common problem with poor quality gel polishes is an allergy. To avoid this problem you should use only products with high quality. For example, you can order gel polishes at pro.
  • Non-compliance with the timing of gel polish covering. There are no absolutely harmless products. However, the harm will be minimal, if you follow the instructions. The acceptable period for gel polish covering is 14-21 days. And it’s better to change your covering not later than the stated period.
  • The use of acetone containing substances while removing gel polish. It is recommended to use only special harmless materials for removing or special tools.
  • Non-professional nail master. If the master is not qualified enough, it can certainly cause harm to your nails. Because it is important to know all the techniques and follow them carefully. That is why you should always choose only professional nail masters with certificates.

As you can see, gel polish covering won’t harm your nails if you follow the definite rules.