How to build a Partnership in Switzerland

Today in Switzerland, you can create a partnership of several types of your choice. Thus, it can be simple, general or limited. If you want to know more about job opportunities in the country and company laws, you can contact our Switzerland company registration consultants.

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Of course, it depends on the type of company, as well as the objectives of the activity. So, for example, you can choose:

  • A simple partnership is a prevalent form of cooperation, where at least two people are involved in building a company and achieving their goals.
  • General partnerships that usually act as small family businesses engaged in commercial activities.
  • Limited liability partnership has something in common with the previous type, with the difference that actions taken by business partners should not be profitable.

How to invest in the business in Switzerland

In case if you decided to open your company in Switzerland and are looking for investors, then they should know that Switzerland is a country with many business advantages, including a favorable geographical location, good infrastructure, and a highly skilled workforce, as well as cultural diversity and much more. Swiss companies operate in practically all areas of business, and the high quality of life makes many investors decide to stay in the country for further living and business development.