What to do if your husband doesn’t want to have kids

There may be many reasons why your husband doesn’t want to have kids now or never. In this case, don’t get angry and don’t take radical decisions right away. Try to understand his reasons and then make the right decision.

Your husband doesn’t want to have kids

Let’s not list all the reasons why men don’t want to have a child. At the heart of all these arguments is the lack of self-reliance in providing the new family member with the necessary things and fear of change. Most men think that everything will change only for the worse: less time for yourself, the wife will be preoccupied with the baby, she will stop being attractive, and so on.

To begin with, find out about the feelings of your loved one, what worries him and prompts him to postpone the appearance of a child.

This Egg Donor Agency advises to carefully, without interrupting, listen to his answer, if you want to clarify something, ask questions. Your goal is to find out the position of your loved one in order to understand what to work on. For a logical conclusion of the conversation, you can talk about your feelings, how important your husband’s opinion is to you, and how you want your views on this issue to be the same.

Then analyze the reasons given by the husband and see what you can do to level the urgency of the arguments mentioned. For example, if a spouse talks about financial problems, start keeping a budget and show your husband what you can do to save more money.

When your husband has personal feelings that things can change for the worse, work on this. Is he afraid to be left out? Tell him what part fathers take in raising children and how great it is. Is he worried that he will not have free time? Show how planning and resourcefulness solve this problem.

Share with your husband your feelings, tell me how happy you would be if you become a mother. But in no case make any ultimatums.